Vitro Stone & Vitro Strip Stone Series List Price
Item Seed Size Product Size Sheet Per Ctn Product Code Sheet Per m2 Per m2 Per Sqft Per Sheet
1.0 25mm 300X300X8mm 11 Ferrous, Raven 10.75 RM473.00 RM43.96 RM50.00
2.0 15mm 300X300X8mm 11 Babylonia, Eden, India, Roma, Skyline, Egypt, Atalanta, Greece 10.75 RM376.25 RM34.97 RM35.00
3.0 15mm 300X300X8mm 11 Glory, Aquarius, Leo, Ore, Pavo 10.75 RM376.25 RM34.97 RM35.00
4.0 Mix 300X300X8mm 10 ZYXT 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 09 10 RM500 RM46.47 RM50.00
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