Gold Silk Series Vitro & Stone Series Japanese Mosaic Spanish Mosaic
Italian Mosaic Oval Series Vitro Random Series Vitro Strip Stone
Vitro Strip Series Gold Leaf Series Silk Series Vitro Gold Dust
Gold Silk Series
Paua Series        
We carry over 500 ready stock over thousands of other ranges of mosaics in galleries across malaysia, with an unlimited library of inspiration for architects and designers. We also provide setting facilities in our local factory for special mix upon customer's request.
Our range consist of single color mosaics and mixed seris, as well as Onyx, Gold Dust, Stone, Strip Mosaics, Specturm, 24K Gold, Irredium, Ice Jade, Gold Silk, Northern Lights, Peony, Spanish Mosaic, Oval, Diamond, Vitro Stone, Gradation, Silk, Gold Leaf, Paua, Galaxy and many others.